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How to Update Drivers in Windows XP

A device hasn't been installed by your Windows XP automatically, or there is something working with its hardware, it will be imperative to update drivers in Windows XP to ensure flexible and enjoy daily multimedia life therefore. Subsequently, we will assist you to upgrade drivers in Windows XP with the help of a professional but automatical third-party Driver updater as well as manually step by step.

Update Drivers in Windows XP with Third-Party Drivers Updater

Contemporarily, automatical third-party software have benefited our digital life with much enjoyments and convenience conspicuously, which can free us of troublesome and anguished step-by-step manually operation. And here Driver Robot as the best Drivers Updater can not only update drivers in Windows XP automatically and efficiently, it can also ensure your Windows XP latest in its drivers version as well as optimal in functionalities and performances all the time due to the newest version dynamical in its database.

update drivers in windows xp

On the the hand, just simple and straightforward steps of "Scan" - “Scanned Summary" - "Update" can upgrade drivers in Windows XP into the up-to-date and official version with ease.

Update Drivers in Windows XP Manually

1. Find the latest Windows XP Drivers for your computer in its original device manufacturer's website; If downloaded Drivers has been packaged with automatical software, the manufacture's website will get you informed therefore. Otherwise, the following steps should be followed step by step.

2. Click and open "Device Manage", and then find and locate hardware device you want to update Drivers for in Windows XP operating system by right pressing the hardware’s name or icon.

3. Press "Properties" icon, and open the "Driver" tab in the windows of it to click button of "Update Driver". and then, Hardware Update Wizard will begin to operate.

4. Click the "No, not this time button" > "Next" button, "Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?" will be popped up to you. "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" should be chosen.

5. Press "Next" button once again, then "What do you want the wizard to do" and "Please choose your search and installation options" will be demonstrated. Such the case being, please select "Don’t search. I will choose the Driver to install" option.

6. In the window of "Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware", click the Have Disk… button. Subsequently, the dialog box of "Install From Disk” will be appeared, and please press "Browse" button.

7. Specify the INF in the file list and press "Open" button. And then go back to dialog box of "Install From Disk” to press "OK" button.

8. Go back to "Select the device Driver you want to install for this hardware“ window to choose newly added hardware.

9. After the whose process to upgrade xp drivers in Windows XP, click "Yes" to the “Do you want to restart your computer now?”

Done! Which way to update drivers in Windows XP do you prefer, automatical one with driver robot or manual operation step by step?

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